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Built to Sell Radio is a weekly podcast for business owners interested in selling a business. The podcast has surpassed over 1.7 million total downloads, amasses over 120 thousand downloads a quarter, and is sent out to an email list of over 25 thousand.  

Each week, we ask an entrepreneur who has recently sold a business why they decided to sell their business, what they did right, and what mistakes they made while exiting their business.  

Built to Sell Radio has grown a highly engaged following of business owners who are either about to sell or are thinking of selling their business. The podcast is the ultimate insider's guide for the most important transaction of a business owner's life.  

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Built to Sell Radio at a Glance

Voted #2 Podcast for Entrepreuners by Forbes

Over 1 Million Downloads

Over 300 Podcasts/Interviews

Over 25 Thousand Subscribers

Who is listening to Built to Sell Radio?

Business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs

Venture capitalists & investors

Business coaches & consultants

M&A professionals, accounts & brokers

Who are our guests?

Entrepreneurs who sold their business in the past 5 years with a great story to tell.